NCC, a leading aftermarket screen brand, has gained popularity worldwide due to its high-quality and competitive price. However, the success of NCC has attracted counterfeiters who produce substandard imitations, causing significant damage to the brand’s reputation. In response, NCC is launching a new product line featuring advanced anti-counterfeit measures to ensure customers can purchase genuine NCC screens.

Genuine vs Fake

The genuine NCC screen VS Fade one

Counterfeit NCC screens of varying quality have flooded the market, undermining the brand’s credibility.They may put TFT Screens inside NCC box. The price of fake NCC products may be lower than our NCC because they want to use TFT as incell to get more profit.

Customers unknowingly purchasing fake NCC screens suffer financial losses due to their inferior performance and durability.

Scan the QR Code

With only a few simple steps, you can verify the authenticity of the NCC Screen

Each NCC screen package features a unique anti-counterfeiting QR code on the back for authentication purposes, which can be scanned using a smartphone.Customers can verify the authenticity of their purchase: a “√” symbol denotes a genuine NCC screen.

It is worth noting that each QR code can only be scanned five times before it becomes frozen to prevent multiple fraudulent uses.